Salmon and Rye Sandwich with Herbed Yogurt

About a week ago, I mentioned my rediscovery of the open-faced sandwich.  I remember my dad often enjoying one for a weekend lunch, although I was never very interested in joining him since he usually topped his with a generous portion of braunschweiger (liverwurst).  I thought it was really gross.

Recently, though, I’ve come back around to this way of sandwich-making.  Maybe it’s in honor of my Danish heritage or maybe it’s just because this a really good idea.  As far as I’m concerned, sandwich bread is simply a vehicle for the toppings.  Here is a super-simple sandwich that I’ve been enjoying recently.  It’s quick to make and filled with satisfying flavors.  The only real time-consuming part of this is the herbed yogurt.  I wanted it to have the same thick consistency as cream cheese so I drained it in cheesecloth overnight.  By morning, I had a super-thick yogurt with the excess liquid (whey) separated out.  You could certainly use cream cheese or goat cheese instead.

Salmon and Rye Sandwich with Herbed Yogurt
serves 1

– 1 slice rye bread
– 2 Tbs Herbed Yogurt (recipe below)
– a slice (or two) of lox

1. Lightly toast the rye bread, not until crispy but until just warmed and softened.

2. Smear generously with herbed yogurt and top with lox.

Herbed Yogurt
makes about 3/4 cup

– 1 cup plain full-fat yogurt (or 3/4 cup cream cheese or goat cheese)
–  2 Tbs chives, minced
– 3 Tbs parsley, minced
– 3 Tbs dill, minced

1.  If you are thickening your yogurt, put it in a layer of cheesecloth and leave to drain overnight.  See more detailed instructions here.

2.  Mix yogurt and herbs until well-incorporated.