Man-Friendly Dinner: Lemony Leek and Mushroom Pasta

What do you get when you cross a quinoa and green-smoothie loving lady with a guy who has more…uh, traditional tastes?  You get a hard time agreeing on what’s for dinner.  And sometimes a little peace offering is in order.  You see, I started noticing that Jeremy would get a very worried look on his face (panic, maybe) whenever I came through the front door announcing that I had bought groceries for dinner.  His nonchalant question, “What are you making?” masked a desperate search for an exit strategy.  Turns out, not everyone thinks roasted beets and sweet potatoes are an awesome dinner option.

I’ve decided that I need to earn back his trust a bit by making a few dinners that I’m sure he’ll enjoy.  They may not live up to my weirdo health-nut standards (I’m trying to dial back the carbs…this dinner was a carb-lover’s paradise), but seeing his empty plate was its own reward.  Luckily for me, Jeremy does like mushrooms, especially shiitakes.  I piled them on in this dish to amp up the superfood content.  And I served it with a side of buttery garlic bread to underline my good intentions.

Lemony Leek and Mushroom Pasta
serves 2

– 3 leeks, washed and finely sliced (white an light green parts only)
– 3/4 lb shiitake mushrooms, sliced
– 2 Tbsp butter or olive oil
– 3 cloves garlic, minced
– salt and pepper, to taste
– juice from 1 lemon
– toasted and chopped walnuts, for serving
– finely chopped parsley, for serving
– 1/2 lb linguine pasta

1.  Cook pasta in salted water according to package directions.  Drain, rinse with cool water, and set aside.

2.  Heat butter or oil in a large pan.  Add leeks, mushrooms, and garlic and cook until softened, about 10 minutes.

3.  Turn heat to low and add lemon juice, salt, and pepper.  Toss with noodles until heated through.

4.  Top with walnuts and parsley, if desired.


2 thoughts on “Man-Friendly Dinner: Lemony Leek and Mushroom Pasta

  1. Mmmm…This sounds so good!
    We have the same issue in my house…so I’m always looking for ideas of things that we’ll both be happy with. Crab cakes or taco salad generally work, but other than that, one of us compromises!

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