Blackened Scrambled Tofu and Garlicky Grits

In the kitchen, I usually think of recipes as suggestions.  The food I make often finds inspiration from another cooking blog or a cookbook on my shelf but rarely ends up being an exact replica of the original.  This usually works out just fine (except for when it doesn’t!).  Sometimes, though, I do manage to stay true to the original and I realize that it can good to follow the lead of a more experienced cook.  Take Isa Chandra Moskowitz.  She is the go-to girl for vegan cooking and even though I can’t say I’m vegan, I can say that her creations are damn tasty.  Until tonight, I had never cooked proper sautéed tofu.  My attempts had alway turned out mushy, tasteless, and generally unappetizing.  This recipe completely changed my outlook on cooking tofu and made me feel like a kitchen master.  Thanks Isa!

(Yes, there is butter on that polenta but you can easily omit it or use Earth Balance to keep it vegan.)

Aside from the amazing recipe, I think I was helped by the type of tofu I used.  This Wildwood High Protein Super Firm Tofu had a great chewy consistency and stayed reasonably together and I browned it.  I think I’ll be using this type of tofu for all my firm tofu needs in the future 🙂  If you see it in the store, I recommend you give it a try!  Yay protein!


4 thoughts on “Blackened Scrambled Tofu and Garlicky Grits

  1. Hannah, that looks gorgeous! You’re inspiring me to go out and get some tofu… Did you have to press it or anything? I see the package says, “No water…”

    • That’s the amazing thing about this tofu! I didn’t have to press it, I just threw it straight into the pan from the package. Like I said, I have never had such tofu success and will probably be sticking with this type from now on.

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